Tip: Peek behind a dialogue

Menu items that allow you to set a filter before any execution is done will bring a dialogue to the user. This dialogue blocks the user in the ability to view part of the form that is being displayed. This might be annoying, for instance if values are being displayed that the user wants to... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Roadmap

If you're not familair with this website, I'd suggest you have a look (and bookmark): roadmap.microsoft.com. Microsoft listens to the community and is more and more open about their work in progress and their future backlog, which this site demonstrates. You are able to read updates with regards to recently released features, but also what's... Continue Reading →

Platform update 8: Table browser is now in read-only mode

From Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise edition platform update 8 (June 2017) onwards, the table browser is now in read-only mode on runtime environments (Sandbox Tier-2 and Production). This means that from that update onwards, system administrators have no option to alter data in their acceptance or production environment. Statement from Microsoft: "The table... Continue Reading →

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