About Dennis Thie

DennisAvatar_roundDennis is very passionate about Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise Edition (previously known as Dynamics AX) and all technologies related. He tries to keep up-to-date with the latest and is keen to share!


 Helping customers… realize results

I am continuously involved in implementation projects. Using my broad and in-depth knowledge and ability to bridge the gap between people, processes and applications I help organizations getting the most out of their solution and ultimately achieve their business goals.

Contributing to the product

My ability to work with and roll out early-adopter deployments, enables me to have a direct impact on the products that Microsoft ultimately releases to the broader market. Because I am continuously working with the products and keeping up with the latest updates and features, I am able to provide valuable real-life feedback. As I’ve gathered quite some connections within the product teams I will regularly connect to share my feedback, either directly to the product team members, via product group interaction or via open platforms such as ideas.microsoft.com (previously via Connect or User Voice). Have a look at my profile and support my suggested ideas.

Giving to the community

I try to give to the community via different ways, of which this blog is one. You can find me as active user on the Microsoft Dynamics 365, Enterprise edition Community. Have a look at my profile over there.

Visiting events

In March ’17, I visited the three-day Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations Technical Conference, in Seattle USA, where around 1600 of the worlds most involved Dynamics experts are connecting with each other and with the Microsoft product teams. Additionally, I visited the 1-day Retail Functional Track where all news around Retail is shared and we could interact with the Retail product team.

Whenever there is the opportunity, I will visit physical or virtual sessions held by Microsoft around relevant technologies. As such, I participated in the Implementation Lifecycle for Dynamics AX Advanced Workshop in Milan, Italy in March ’16.

Other events I regularly visit are internal physical and virtual knowledge sharing sessions and the Dutch Dynamics Community events.

Speaking at events

When you speak at events, you reach your crowd in a truly unique way. I regularly speak on events, both internally and externally. One of the external events I presented on is the Dynamics Experience, an initiative by DynamicsHub – a non-profit organization there to connect members, partners and Microsoft in order for companies to get the most out of their Microsoft business solutions.

Internally I am heavily involved in regional and even global knowledge sharing around Dynamics 365 for Operations. I regularly host, or participate in, sessions to update our workforce.

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