Searching Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations documentation isn’t easy – here’s a quick tip…

A couple of months ago, Microsoft documentation on Dynamics 365 (for Finance and Operations) transferred from to Anyone navigating to the old URL will be automatically redirected.


The start page and the documentation offers solid differentiation between the Business and Enterprise edition applications and provides additional cross-application documentation around i.e. add-ins and integrations and customizations.

While the new documentation portal is a great way forward, it’s hard to find what you need as the search functionality is not very intelligent. Here’s how you can search the documentation site using the Google search engine:

  1. Navigate to the Google search engine
  2. Enter the following string in the search box (don’t use a space):


  3. Append with your required search query, for example “purchase requisition” (put a space between the URL and your search string):

    site: purchase requisition

  4. Hit search!

There are many more search operators, here’s a full list of the ones supported by Google.

What’s also missing is a way to keep up-to-date with any additions or changes to the documentation that might be relevant for you. For now, there is no way to get a notice of new or changed documentation as the site does not support any form of feed, RSS for example. The community has already requested a feed functionality, please join by submitting your vote! This can be done without registration, just click vote and leave your e-mail on the following link:

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