The alert functionality – what’s taking so long?

One of the common used functionalities of Dynamics AX since it’s introduction has been the alert functionality. You would be able to set alert rules based on a field change or set a time-based alert.

However, with the introduction of Dynamics 365 for Operations, the alert functionality is on the famous list of Dynamics AX 2012 features that haven’t been implemented but aren’t deprecated. It has some text that the feature will be included in a future release (“Implementation of the alerts functionality is planned for a future update.”), but it’s been quiet ever since. What can we expect?

Highest voted for feature on

Apparently, a lot are missing this functionality since it is the highest voted for feature on With 203 votes (at the moment of writing this), they feature ranks top idea out of all ideas, all time.


So, what can we expect?

Well, official statement is still that the feature will be released on the near future. The solutions mentioned over the internet and feedback communities go all the way from re-introducing alert functionality within Dynamics 365 for Operations to enabling the scenarios via Microsoft Flow and the Common Data Service. On the latest, there is quite an extensive walkthrough of how to enable a change-based trigger using Flow. You can find the walkthrough here: However, this does not seem to be able to solve the date-based triggers and is currently nowhere to be a full replacement of the alert functionality that was available.

Was available, or still is?

Odd thing is, even in the latest Spring (July 2017) release, the menu items for setting up the alert batches are still there. See below screenshot – mind you this is not a Technical Preview, but the final release candidate.


So, what will it be? Future will tell. Currently there is no clear message. When there is, I will keep you posted!

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