Renaming your project stages: it’s back

“Was it gone? I didn’t miss it”

Dynamics AX knew the option to rename the stages, or phases, of a project. This allowed for customization of the stages a project could go through without, well, customization. However, with the introduction of Dynamics 365 for Operations RTW, the option to rename these stages was not available anymore.

Well, now it’s back

From the Spring (July 2017) release on, there are now eight default project stages that can be used for the different project types. The ability to renew each status provides the ability to give the default project stages a different name for each legal entity and provide language translation support for the project stage name.

To view or edit the project stage name, go to Project management and accounting > Setup > Project management and accounting parameters, and select the Project stage tab.


The Stage column will display the default project stage names. To rename, you need to enter the new project stage name in the Project stage column, and then select which project types the project stage applies.

To translate the project stage name to another language, simply click the Language drop-down button, and then select the language to translate.

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