New workspaces available from the Dynamics 365 for Operations Spring (July 2017) release

The Spring release (July update) offers a set of new workspaces. Some are just a nice way of getting a quick overview around a specific business process. Others, such as the data validation checklist or the configurable business process, have very interesting functionality behind them with broad use-cases. On both the data validation checklist and configurable business processes I will post future blog going into more detail. For now, here is a list of the new (or improved) workspaces introduced with the Spring (July 2017) release.

Data validation checklist workspace


The Data validation checklist workspace lets you track data validation processes across companies, areas, and people. The checklist can be used during a new implementation, after an upgrade, or after a migration. Depending on your view of the Data validation checklist workspace, you’ll see either all tasks and statuses for a data validation project.

I will post a blog going into more detail on the data validation checklist functionality. Until then, for more information, see Data validation workspace.

Cost accounting ledger administration workspace

Cost accounting ledger administration

The Cost accounting ledger administration workspace provides Cost accountants with an overview of the status of individual cost accounting ledgers. All functions required for the administration of a cost accounting ledger can easily be accessed directly from this workspace.

The health of the cost accounting ledger and its related master data and reference data are monitored, such as cost objects dimensions, dimension hierarchies, and rules. This makes it easy to manage cost accounting ledgers.

Benefit management workspace


The benefit management workspace allows you to easily view and manage benefits offered to workers in a central location. This workspace lets you:

  • Gain insight into benefits not being used by employees.
  • View which benefits are being phased out at the end of the year.
  • Keep track of benefit costs and how costs may have changed in the past year.

Configurable business processes workspace

This feature allows you to create and track business process templates for processes within your organization. Tracking is done using the ‘Configurable business processes workspace’.


Templates can be re-used or copied for recurring processes. Once you create a template you can track all the tasks that need to be completed as part of the specific process. Tasks can be assigned to specific users, have due dates set and can have instructions set.


I will post a blog going into more detail on the configurable business processes functionality.

Employee and manager self-service workspaces

Employee self-service and Manager self-service workspaces offer a single location for employees to view and update their personal information, as well as view upcoming activities.


The Employee self-service workspace: Employees can view all items that have been assigned to them and review their compensation.

The Manager self-service workspace: Managers can view anyone in their organization from a single workspace, including employee summaries, position assignments, compensation, and performance.

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